Former CNN Headline News Anchor and cancer survivor Bob Losure eclipsed the milestone of more than 200 emcee and keynote speaking appearances in 2008, hosting the Edison Electric Institute Convention in Toronto, and KioskCom Awards presentation in Las Vegas. Bob is author of “Five Seconds To Air”, detailing his successful fight against testicular cancer and how it led him to anchor at CNN.

Bob’s 11 years in the anchor chair at CNN Headline News also included on-the-scene reporting of major stories for CNN Newsource, Headline News, and CNN, including the San Francisco earthquake, Hurricane Hugo, the Federal Prison Riot in Atlanta, and the capture and return of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega to Miami.

The broadcast veteran is in great demand as a speaker and emcee for firms like Mercedes, RadioShack and OfficeMax, and associations like The Outdoor Advertising Association of America. He’s interviewed top personalities including Walter Cronkite and Donald Trump, and has hosted political debates that have aired on C-Span and C-Span 2.

His on-stage hosting has taken him around the world—from the Junior Chamber International Conference in Pusan, South Korea, to the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce 10 Outstanding Young Americans Awards at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.; and even onboard the Holland America ship HMS Westerdam, sailing the Caribbean with 700 JCB delegates as Bob delivered a one-hour newscast complete with a New York film crew.

Bob has been inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame at his alma mater, the University of Tulsa, and is only the second national television news anchor to be inducted into Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity’s prestigious national honor role of “The Order of West Range”, joining former ABC news veteran Ted Koppel.

In his speech and in his autobiography, Five Seconds To Air, Bob lets his audience in on his deepest thoughts on cancer, and how he felt as he lay in a hospital bed late at night after numerous surgeries and chemotherapy treatments in 1985, watching his permanent replacements in his former anchor chair at the CBS affiliate in Tulsa. He recounts how his faith and the help of many people he had never even met helped him win his fight against cancer and move to Atlanta to join up with Ted Turner at CNN. His speech topics include:

Lights....Camera....Cancer! — A keynote speech he’s delivered to over 200 audiences, giving them a look at his own battle with testicular cancer, and how it led him to seek a CNN anchor position in Atlanta just three months after recovering from chemotherapy treatments.

How Cable News is Fighting For Viewers — Bob takes a one-hour look at how Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs, and Keith Olbermann are giving a hard edge to opinion-driven news, and polarizing an American public that’s increasingly turning to the Internet.


06/23/09 — San Francisco; Edison Electric Institute, Tony Anthony 202-508-5520
05/06/09 — Las Vegas; KioskCom Awards, Lawrence Dvorchik 908-601-3166
10/18/08 — Tucson; Young President’s Organization, Micheal Powell 214-276-6699
09/20/08 — Houston; International Oncology, John Mead 310-432-1171
06/16/08 — Toronto; Edison Electric Institute, Tony Anthony 202-508-5520
06/01/08 — West Palm Beach; JFK Medical Center, Ms. Robbin Lee 561-548-3494
04/16/08 — Las Vegas; KioskCom Awards, Lawrence Dvorchik 908-601-3166
03/09/08 — Las Vegas; JC Bamford Convention, Becky Shea 912-790-5221
02/11/08 — Pasadena, CA; Novartis Sales and Marketing, Bill Lee 973-313-9800
06/19/07 — Denver; Edison Electric Institute, Tony Anthony 202-508-5520
06/03/07 — Chicago; Provena Saint Joseph’s Med. Center, David Loy 615-261-4000
05/07/07 — South Sioux City, NE; Chamber, Angela Cox-Weston 515-974-8305
04/25/07 — Las Vegas; KioskCom Awards, Lawrence Dvorchik 908-601-3166
06/18/06 — Washington, DC; Edison Electric Institute, Tony Anthony 202-508-5520
05/04/06 — San Diego; Assisted Living Fed. of America, Bill Lee 908-342-6643
04/24/06 — Palm Desert, CA; Traffic Audit Bureau, Larry Hennessy 212-972-8075
04/10/06 — Las Vegas; JP Events/KioskCom, Joelle Coretti 203-371-6322
01/17/06 — Wash DC; Network Centric Warfare Conf., Michael Gallo 212-885-2679
10/16/05 — Colorado Springs; Winter Night Club, Howard Price 719-660-1556
08/19/05 — Tulsa, OK.; Cancer Treatment Centers, Dick Stephenson 800-788-8485
06/20/05 — Las Vegas; Edison Electric Institute, Tony Anthony 202-508-5520
05/22/05 — Chicago; Outdoor Advertising Assoc., Stephen Freitas 202-833-5566
04/19/05 — Las Vegas; KioskCom, Lawrence Dvorchik 212-908-601-3166
04/02/05 — Tulsa, OK.; The University of Tulsa, Bill Vogle 918-597-9511
02/23/05 — Las Vegas; UNLV Journalism Ethics, Mary Hausch 702-349-9518
02/03/05 — Las Vegas; White House Multi-Media Center, Ron Kirsh 702-838-0800
11/16/04 — Palm Springs; CA Assoc. of Health Facilities, Betsy Hite 916-441-6400
10/28/04 — Joplin, MO; Missouri Southern State College, Judy Stiles 416-625-9375
10/08/04 — Houston; FMC Political Action Committee, Jill Mitchell 281-591-4166
06/24/04 — Springfield, OH; Community Hospital, Karen Kendig 614-442-3300
06/23/04 — Las Vegas; Chamber of Commerce, Wayne Haugen 702-641-5822, x 262
06/13/04 — Plattsburgh, NY; CVPH Medical Center, Stacey LaFave 518-562-7534
05/01/04 — Tulsa, OK.; Oklahoma Dental Assoc., Shelly Murphey 800-876-8890
04/18/04 — Phoenix; Traffic Audit Bureau, Joe Philport 212-972-8075, x. 215
04/17/04 — Salt Lake City; American Cancer Society, Diana Belew 210-595-0238
04/12/04 — Las Vegas; Convention & Visitors Bureau, Nancy Murphy 702-892-2847
03/25/04 — Las Vegas; BancTec Systems, Susan Kennedy 224-405-2186
03/18/04 — San Jose, CA; San Jose Medical Center, Leslie Kelsay 408-977-7412
03/04/04 — Las Vegas; Las Vegas Rotary Club, Mike Ballard 702-836-3000
02/27/04 — Las Vegas; Convention Authority, Charmayne Hammer 702-892-2847
02/12/04 — Las Vegas; Women In Communications, Robin Jay 702-460-1420
02/06/04 — Springfield, IL; Southern Illinois University, Julie Efaw 217-544-8552
01/29/04 — Las Vegas; Chamber of Commerce Preview, Mike Varney 702-735-2451
01/07/04 — Las Vegas; Primedia’s ‘The Special Event’, Sarah Ruhl 720-489-3126
11/11/03 — Atlanta; SHOPA Foundation, Scott Walters 937-297-2250
10/30/03 — Tulsa, OK; SW Regional Med. Ctr, Annabelle Falconetti 918-672-3956
10/03/03 — Austin, TX.; International Association of Business Communicators, John Williams
09/05/03 — Tulsa, OK.; 1st District U.S. Congressional Debate, KHWB-TV, Royal Ayles
06/08/03 — Wash. D.C.; Outdoor Advertising Assoc., Stephen Freitas 202-833-5566
06/07/03 — Cleveland, OH; NATAS Emmy Awards, Joel Solloway 216-575-0177
06/01/03 — Knoxville, TN; Univ. of Tennessee Med. Ctr, Dr. John Bell 865-544-9572
05/02/03 — Montpelier, VT; Vermont Broadcasters Association, Jordan Steinberg
04/23/03 — Tulsa, OK; Southwestern Med. Center, Dick Stephenson 847-382-2666
03/06/03 — Las Vegas; OfficeMax Convention, Joel Solloway 216-575-0177
11/04/02 — Greensboro, N.C.; National Association for Pupil Transportation, Mike Martin 800-989-6278
10/29/02 — Knoxville, TN; Appalachian Regional Commission, Jeff Schwartz 212-884-7721
10/30/02 — Tulsa, OK.; Oklahoma Governor’s Debate, C-SPAN and C-SPAN2,
                 Bill Paddock 918-254-4701
10/12/02 — Orlando, FL; Ideal Health Convention, Scott Stanwood 603-334-3600
09/21/02 — Lake Buena Vista, FL; American Cancer Society, Rob Carsello 312-641-6362

Bob Losure interviews Walter Cronkite
TAB Convention - 2004 - Phoenix, AZ

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Office Max - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

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American Cancer Society - Detroit

Emceeing for Edison Electric Institute
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 2008